My iPhone App – Your Personal Health Assistant

My IMe is similar to the smarter in many ways, but it is a digital device rather than a pen. Smartpens are available in different price ranges and have the same basic capabilities as a pen – you can write notes, take voice notes, type documents and so on. My IMe, on the other hand, gives you access to everything your doctor has on your file when you give them your driver’s license, passport or any other form of ID. You just need to download the My IMe app and sign in to the secure wireless network that holds your personal health information.

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Your doctor may ask you to turn in all of your electronic files, such as a smartphone, laptop, Blackberry or PDA, which would hold your medical history, prior to the HIPAA compliance rule for healthcare settings. If you want to protect your medical history from unauthorized use by others, your best bet is not to download My IMe, but instead to get your own My Health Insurance Port (MIP). The My Health Insurance Port comes pre-loaded with your insurance company’s policy, and the app downloads all of the pertinent information on a secure remote server. This is the easiest way to ensure that nothing is lost or misplaced, while still ensuring that your medical history will work with your next doctor.

My IMe does have some limitations, however. For instance, it is impossible to send or receive text messages from your device, and it is only compatible with certain models of iPhones. Other companies, such as Careify, offer a companion product that connects your IMe to your iPhone, which allows you to receive and send text and data messages from your phone – all from the same application. This is the best way to protect your work-related or personal data from being compromised and to keep your medical records in the safe hands of your trusted physician. Whether you are at the doctor’s office, a conference or you just need to have access to your medical files at home – My IMe makes it easy!